Want to Know Some Quick Fixes for Your Garage Door?

Three Quick Tips for Garage Door Repair & Maintenance for Homeowners

Keeping your garage doors in good shape is extremely important. However, it is something that is often overlooked and neglected until it is too late. It is important that you check your garage doors on a regular basis to see if there are any signs of wear and tear. With this in mind, we, at My Garage Door Guy, have listed below 3 important tips you can try to make sure your garage doors are not in need of garage door repair in the near future.

Checking for Door Balance
Check the balance on your garage door to see it is having issues opening or closing itself. Often, it can be quite hard to determine where a door is off balance. When you open and close your garage door, make sure you pay close attention to any areas which may look even slightly off-kilter.

Checking Door Rollers
These are the wheels which help your door go up and down the track. They do work extremely hard, which is why it is very important to check for any abnormalities in all of them.

Checking Lubrication
Keeping your door working at its peak does include lubricating all the springs, hinges, and jambs. Like any machinery, a garage door will work best when it is well lubricated.

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Question: Why does a garage door open alone?
Answer: this could be down to a bad circuit board, or, your opener still has its factory set code, that is the same as one of your neighbors. When you are unsure on how to re-program your opener, please contact us on (417) 228-9096.
Question: The light bulb in my operator burns out too fast, how to fix it?
Answer: Replace it with a Rough Service light bulb that is resistant to vibrations. These can be found at most hardware store.
We hope that our tips proved helpful, for any more questions call us today we are based in the Anderson, MO area.